9/ 5/2020 Blockchain Study Group With BrightID


 Passcode: &sYx34L#

We had Adam Stallard and Alireza Paslar from BrightID helping us. Looks highly probable we will us BrightID as key part of member identification, and perhaps access control.

I think a few of might be buying their sponsorship discount package mentioned in our discussion. It would cover a number of BrightID users to get us started.
Chris Manfre is going to attempt a flow diagram linking Mighty Networks platform, BrightID, DAO software, etc
Jim Medalie and Ron Henderson were also there, as was Ed Yarrish.
We will see if Ori Shamony from D-Org might join us next week. We also seem to be closing in on Aragon for our first DAO software.
Jim is doing a lot of probing with the available Aragon modules.
Ron is focusing energy on Mighty Networks and how we can use it to onboard new members.


Draft of operating agreement for YARcce BB LLC

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/tOtnN-j8qlhLbJX36V7WA60LBIvKeaa82yQc-PoKz02f6yQoBLMdRnvHPM-VzwRE Passcode: 5s5E#?dJ

(In the recording, Chris Manfre from Milan, Ray Gallon from rural France, Jim Medalie from Colorado Springs CO, Ron Henderson from Fredericksburg VA and Ed Yarrish from Allentown PA) 

This video is from our August 29, 2020 blockchain study group discussion of a draft operating agreement that would be part of our incorporation in Vermont as a blockchain based limited liability corporation.
A draft operating agreement was prepared by Jim Medalie based on the D-org consulting firm’s incorporation as a BB LLC. Their agreement is publicly available on GitHub. 
Jim’s draft was also based on Ray Gallon’s earlier work of summarizing our ongoing discussion about organizational design, as a peer-to-peer network organization on the etherium blockchain.
Chris Manfre made major contributions to the discussion, and the draft, to clarify definitions. Ron Henderson has written a draft membership agreement that he is sharing with the group, and has been focused on the onboarding process for new members using the YARcce Mighty Networks platform that we are starting to populate.
After additional work, this document will be brought to our next session with the attorneys from Gravel and Shea in September.

Submitted by Ed Yarrish