Passcode: &sYx34L#

We had Adam Stallard and Alireza Paslar from BrightID helping us. Looks highly probable we will us BrightID as key part of member identification, and perhaps access control.

I think a few of might be buying their sponsorship discount package mentioned in our discussion. It would cover a number of BrightID users to get us started.
Chris Manfre is going to attempt a flow diagram linking Mighty Networks platform, BrightID, DAO software, etc
Jim Medalie and Ron Henderson were also there, as was Ed Yarrish.
We will see if Ori Shamony from D-Org might join us next week. We also seem to be closing in on Aragon for our first DAO software.
Jim is doing a lot of probing with the available Aragon modules.
Ron is focusing energy on Mighty Networks and how we can use it to onboard new members.


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