As a new, still embryonic, 501c7 “mutual benefit” organization, YARcce is having many firsts.

Chris Manfre, from Milan Italy and Washington DC, was the first YARcce $1000/year “Benefitting” member. Chris is a retired Citibank official who worked for the bank in New York City, Brussels, Mexico City, Toronto and Milan.

Dr. Guido Pez, retired Air Products Chief Research Scientist, from Allentown PA USA via Australia for his early education, was the first YARcce $500/year “Supported” member. Since supporting Guido’s efforts in researching a LOHC fuel cell (*Liquid* Organic Hydrogen Carrier) was the original impetus for YARcce, it’s quite appropriate that he is the first member in this category.

Paslar Alireza, from Sheffield England via Iran, was the first $100/year “Working” member. He paid his membership fee in ETH, the ethereum blockchain token. Since YARcce intends to experiment with blockchain governance, and Paslar has been one of our guides in this new Internet space, it seemed almost required that he pay in a cryptocurrency.

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