Why I joined YARcce

I joined YARcce because I want to help bring innovations out of the LAB.

Why do I want to bring innovations out of the Lab?  Because we need to change the way we exploit the resources of the world to have any hope of survival as a species.  We can do it, but we are stuck in a self-destructive system of economic exploitation.

We at (Prepower) have an innovation that democratises investment. At the moment those who have more money are able to invest at a lower cost per dollar than those with less money. Investing is the path to wealth and any system that favours those with more wealth inevitably means that the more wealth you have the more wealth you will acquire.  Such a system leads inevitably to exploitation not only of other people but of the planet. The objective is to accumulate wealth, not to do things with wealth. It also turns out that the cost of operating a system of wealth accumulation becomes expensive at scale. Today, the cost of operating the financial system is about the same as the amount invested.

Prepower has piloted a funding system that reduces the cost of operating the financial system so it is close to zero. When we reduce the cost of operating the financial system the cost per dollar invested is the same no matter who invests.  Prepower democratises investment.

Why YARcce? 

It has the goal of bringing innovation out of the lab. We want to plant the seeds of democratisation investment firmly in the area of innovation.  If YARcce adopted the Prepower approach the cost of investing in innovation will drop and that will bring more innovations out of the lab so it is of benefit to YARcce.  It also brings more investors into innovation. 

It also benefits Prepower because the greatest barrier to adoption is the financial system. It loses out because it will shrink in size and hence will resist adoption.  The more people use the Prepower innovation the faster it will be adopted across the economy and the closer we will come to building a sustainable society. Today, investing in innovation is almost exclusively for the wealthy. It is the hardest place to introduce an investment innovation as entities with little wealth have almost no experience in investing in innovation. Those that succeed, become wealthy and want to keep the advantage wealth brings them. If the Prepower approach can fund innovation it can fund anything.

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